Faculty Dog Power Rankings, No. 6: Duke & Luna

In our first annual Oracle Faculty Dog Power Rankings, we have a tie for sixth place! Luna Collier and Duke Handelsman both finished with 108 votes. The fact that these two Woodberry staples tied is fitting. Their dads, Mr. Andrew Handelsman and Mr. Drew Collier ’03, have led the Woodberry in Spain group for years now and consider their dogs “common law [married], soulmates, bff, you name it.” Here are the dogs that co-occupy the No. 6 spot.

Full Name: Luna Lovegood Collier
Date of Birth (or Adoption): October 31, 2007
Breed: Black lab, although she was a rescue and was born in a trailer park in North Charleston, SC so God knows what all she’s got in her
Favorite Chew Toy: She’s over chew toys
Biggest Fear: FLIES
Best Doggo Friend(s): Duke (duh)
Dog Nemesis: We’d rather not name names, but you know who you are 
Special Traits: Bilingual (after ten years in a Spanish classroom, pues claro), being real sweet and pretty, cocking her head to the side when curious or asked a question 
Favorite Human Food: Bacon, chorizo ibérico, peanut butter, anything gourmet that the Firmans regularly buy her

Full Name: Duke Handelsman
Date of Birth (or Adoption): Adopted February 2010, was probably 3 years old at the time. 
Breed:  Lab probably mixed with Great Dane
Favorite Chew Toy:  Never been interested in chew toys
Biggest Fear:  Duty radio, beeps from trucks backing up
Best Doggo Friend(s):  Luna (It’s serious)
Dog Nemesis:  Yadi Jacobs, not sure why?
Special Traits:  Hogging the bed, Sidling up to Woodberry boys in class when they seem to need it.
Favorite Human Food: Ice (not a typo) 

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