Faculty Dog Power Rankings, No. 8: Farm Dog

Grainy, Bigfoot-style spotting of Farm Dog and others. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Jacob Geiger ’05)

Full Name: Unknown (Not the one named Trigger)
Date of Birth (or Adoption): Unknown
Breed: Labrador Retriever?
Favorite Chew Toy: Unknown
Biggest Fear: Being out in the cold
Best Doggo Friend(s): Unknown
Dog Nemesis: Unknown
Special Traits: Slept in Thomas Rowland ’19’s room on Griffin last year, getting into dorms, puppy dog eyes.
Favorite Human Food: I mean, if you offered him something, I imagine he’d eat it.

For those of you who don’t know, Farm Dog is something of an icon around Woodberry. No, we’re not talking about Trigger, who rides around in the back of the truck with the members of the Farm Staff on campus. Instead, we’re talking about the presumed “Farm Dog” with the blonde coat, who seems to come around during wintertime after major snowfall. He occasionally goes into random dorm rooms around campus and purportedly slept in a room in Griffin one time last year in an effort to evade the cold. He has not been seen since last winter, though we can only hope he’ll be around again come January.

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