Faculty Dog of the Week, No. 14: Moose LaVoie

By Carter Krusz ’20

  • Name: Moose LaVoie
  • Breed: Good boy
  • Favorite Chew Toy: Deer antler
  • Biggest Fear: Being Alone
  • Best Doggo Friends: Hobbes and Noisette
  • Dog Nemesis: Moose loves everyone
  • Special Traits: Faster than a Kubota
  • Favorite Human Food: Peanut butter

The second recipient of Faculty Dog of the Week ranked at No. 14 in our power rankings, having appeared on 19.3% of ballots. Moose LaVoie, a speedy, mountain-biking loving canine, loves his Kong filled with peanut butter. If you see him in the LaVoie’s house, go give him company. He hates being alone…and also hates the cat next door. (Is it Norman? Probably.)

Categories: Humor