Quick Facts on The Game

Taft Gantt ’20

This Saturday, November 10th, 2018, Woodberry Forest School will take on Episcopal High School in the 118th playing of The Game. The season-ending football game is the oldest consecutive high school football rivalry in the South.

“Before daybreak on a chill morning in 1901, Woodberry Forest’s coachless team set out for Orange in the Farm’s ‘four-in-hand’ and ‘wagonette.’ After an hour’s journey in its horsedrawn vehicles, the group boarded a Southern train and continued to Alexandria over the old single-track and trestled road. That afternoon the boys from Captain Bob Walker’s young school absorbed a 54-0 lacing at the hands of the ‘vested, reeded, and nose-guarded’ warriors of Episcopal High.”    — 1950 Game Program

Here’s a look at some quick facts on The Game:

All Time Results:

WFS 58

EHS 50


Total Points Scored:

WFS 1801

EHS 1778

Longest Win Streak:

WFS 6 games (1963-1968, 1971-1976, & 2008-2013)

EHS 5 games (1935-1939 & 1989-1993)

Biggest Point Spread:

1913 WFS 0    EHS 62

Scoreless Games:

1902 & 1917

WFS 0 … EHS 0

Largest Fan Attendance:

The 100th Game played in 2000 at Woodberry

Approximately 10,000 fans in attendance

Final Score- WFS 24    EHS 13


Information from WFS Archives

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