From Oracle November 20, 1936   Volume XXXV Number 4,  p.1


Picture from 1936 Oracle

It has long been the custom in the traditional football rivalry between Woodberry Forest and Episcopal High School for the home team to build a large bonfire to be lighted by the captain of the winning team after the game. This year Woodberry has the honor of being the host in the annual classic, and it is the duty of its students to construct the bonfire, now nearing completion.

The work has been supervised by Dillard Teer and Frank Hanes, cheer leaders. The bonfire is to be one of the biggest ever built here; for the students, new and old boys alike, have co-operated in fine spirit. A large portion of the job was accomplished the first day as everyone reported and took an active part in collecting wood for the fire. The material was secured by the boys and carried from the woods on the river to a point just outside the west entrance gate where the bonfire was constructed.

The fire is built around a huge center pole approximately thirty feet high. Around this pole boxes, limbs, branches, and small trees are arranged, forming a base of about twenty feet in diameter. This year’s bonfire will certainly be worthy of the tradition attached to it.

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