Editors’ Note: The Advent of Spring (2008)

February 22, 2008

Editors’ Note

          As the winter trimester comes to a close, we all look forward to the spring. No more lonely, snowy, depressing Saturday nights. Now it is time for those lonely, sunny Saturdays. Lax season and spring track are on our minds, the trees are starting to fill out, and grades no longer matter for seniors. It will be a great spring. It is almost over. We are under the century mark for days until graduation and we do not have to worry about final exams. To all you underformers who are yet to drop out or run away: stick with it. It is only a matter of time until you won’t have to worry about work… even if that matter of time is three years. Enjoy your time here. Go down to the river, play some golf or check out hot babes as they walk down to the formal; the opportunities are endless.

If none of those things appeal to you, find something that does. Go ride a bike or skateboard, hit the outdoor pool to catch some rays, or learn to play competitive beach volleyball. No one is stopping you. Try not to get too depressed in these last couple days of winter. Maybe we, the editors, can give you some suggestions to keep you in school. Get into a good TV show to kill some time when you don’t feel like studying during exam week. The writer’s strike is over, so there is no dearth of mediocre sitcoms than can catch your interest. If downloading shows isn’t your bag, pick up an instrument. Learn to play the guitar and harmonica at the same time. Spend every waking moment doing this. If you need lessons, just walk into Miles’s room and he is sure to be jamming to some tunes with some fellow hippies. Those are just two ideas, but there are plenty more. Find something that you like and run with it. Good luck on exams and have fun in the spring.

-The Editors

Head Editor: Spencer Frantz

Assistant Head/Arts Editor: Harry Averett

Humor Editor: Paul Liles

Sports Editor: Issac Brown

Features Editor: Greg West

Layout/ Photo Editor: Carter Wiese

Layout Editor: Jake Peacock

Brought to you from the Woodberry archives with a special thanks to Mrs. Culbertson!


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