Professor Prince Ghuman Speaks to Students

Prince Ghuman, the Professor of Marketing, Communications & Entrepreneurship at Hult Business School, visited the Forest to speak to student organizations related to entrepreneurship. Members of the Investment Club and the LaunchX club were invited to listen to professor Ghuman’s lecture and ask questions.

The talk began with a brief introduction to Hult Business School and a bit on Ghuman’s background. Hult is a business institution in the undergraduate and graduate level, with students from more than 120 countries are represented. Ghuman said that his personal motto of ‘always be learning’ had brought him to teach at Hult International Business School. “With a global student body, four international campuses (San Francisco, London, Dubai, and Shanghai), and courses developed in collaboration with today’s business leaders,” Ghuman said, “Hult offers a uniquely global and innovative business school experience.” Described as one of the “shakers and movers” by the San Francisco Chronicle, he completed his undergraduate studies at UC San Diego. Ghuman started his career outside of the classroom by cofounding and marketing his startup, Potenza, a brand of caffeinated water. Ghuman went on to be the head of marketing at BAP, one of the first digital automotive platforms at that time. During his time at BAP, the company’s revenues increased from $7M to $21M through the exponential growth in web traffic and web sales, the sections led by Ghuman. However, instead of expanding on his business success, Ghuman decided to take a risk and leave the company in order to travel the world in search of potential entrepreneurs to advise pro bono. He helped launch and market a variety of businesses ranging from a chain of unique bakeries in Italy to a German education organization. Ghuman returned to California to be the founding CMO of ZipZap, a cryptocurrency based tech startup in San Francisco. After his successful career in the business world, he evolved from a practicing marketer to a practicing educator, in order to share his insights and experiences with young curious minds, which brought him to Woodberry last Friday.

After the introduction, professor Ghuman gave the boys a lecture on new start-ups. He gave several examples of failed products and discussed with the students why they failed. He allowed the boys to propose their ideas to him, provided constructive feedback on their opinions, and allowed them to brainstorm their notions and look for more practical yet game-changing solutions for those companies. Ghuman also gave an example using the David vs. Goliath analogy, comparing successful start-up businesses that challenge huge corporations that already exist, and discussed their effects with the boys.  Hank Harler, a fifth former who is Finance Lead of the LaunchX club, said “Prince Ghuman gave an insightful look at the economic studies that go into product development, and the outcomes that take place because of these studies. By using Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath as a central point to his discussion, we got to go over many examples of ‘underdogs’ put in a position to dominate their sector.” Andrew Shalkivskiy, a fourth former who is also a member of the LaunchX club, reflected, “I left Prince Ghuman presentation with a completely new look at the world of business and start-ups. He is energetic and has a lot of experience in the field, after his multiple successful start-ups.”

 His speech was finally punctuated by a great round of applause from the students.  “90% of the start-ups fail, but I would like to emphasize that 10% of them succeed,” he told everyone, giving an encouraging message to never fear to transform a good idea into a successful company.

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