Thursday Meeting Roundup: Senior Distinction, River Committee

Hughes Edwards ’20

On Thursday, October 5, the entire student body met in Bowman Gray Auditorium for the sixth Thursday morning assembly of this school year.

Director of Residential Life Ryan Alexander opened with the usual minute of silence, and Ted Blain followed with his presentation on the spring Senior Distinction Projects.  Along with Dennis Houyoux and Dr. Fred Jordan, Mr. Blain will oversee the projects this year, and he encouraged students to be creative and think of interesting projects.  Listing interesting ideas from years past – which included original plays, robots, and writing portfolios – Mr. Blain emphasized that a boy should be “creative” as he works on his “intense project.”

Following Mr. Blain, Jackson Sompayrac ’18 and Jake Edwards ’18 delivered a presentation about the Rapidan River.  Beginning with a light history of the River Committee, Sompayrac said that the student-created committee works to clean the Rapidan River in order to make it an enjoyable location on campus for the whole community. In an effort to educate the student body on river cleanliness, Edwards and Sompayrac showed photo examples in their short keynote presentation of both poorly kept forts and well-kept forts.

Sompayrac encouraged students to “leave [the river] better than you found it” and recommended boys go down to the river “to see what all the hype is about.”

Mr. Alexander took to the podium to conclude the meeting with a weekly recital of “A Boy’s Prayer.”

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