Teacher Appreciation Week

Trace Richard ’18

In 1984, the National PTA (Parent Teacher Association) decided to designate one week in May to honor men and women around the


Mr. Hale carving a turkey for his advisory during Thanksgiving Dinner.

world that devote their time to educating. Many teachers are formative figures in their students’ lives and sometimes their hard work goes unnoticed. Teacher Appreciation Week is a prime opportunity to just tell teachers that you are thankful for them. Here at Woodberry, teachers consistently go the extra mile. Besides teaching in the classroom, they coach down the hill, maintain their advisory, and serve food at their dinner tables. You see teachers when they walk around dorm during study hall and when you check-in to go to bed. All teachers deserve this week for improving the future generations and committing their lives to Woodberry. Now, there are plenty of things you can do to show a teacher you care, so do your part to make your teacher’s week great.


Clay Tydings ’17 and Andrew Haley ’17 cooking peppers with Mr. Reid.

What can we do to show teachers thanks? First, just tell them that you appreciate them. Just a simple gesture of gratitude can make their day. Then tell them what you love about them or their class. For example, I am very thankful for Mr. Holmes because he does things beyond the classroom and beyond coaching; after a rough study hall spent stressed about completing assignments and studying for a test, my mood completely changes when I walk downstairs to the sight of a large tray of brownies. I know that everybody on Dowd-Finch appreciates Mr. Holmes because those trays are picked clean by the end of the night. Another way to show a teacher you care is by helping them out after classes. If you have a class the last period of the day, maybe stick around for five minutes and ask them if they need help setting up the room for the next day. The opportunities to show appreciation are limitless.

April  01, 2017.    Woodberry Forest Varsity Baseball vs FUMA

Mr. Holmes coaching Calder Clay ’17 in a game of Baseball against FUMA.


“Send me chances to do a little good every day, and so grow more like Christ.”

Here is your chance; take this week to show your teachers your appreciation.

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