Day in the Life of a Cheerleader

Rhodes Smith ’17


Rhodes Smith ’17

The Woodberry cheerleader. Or as it is known in most circles, the most coveted position of power in the South. Each Spring, the cheerleaders choose a group of guys to carry on the tradition for the following year. These guys are tasked with a feat growing more difficult each year at the Forest, maintaining school spirit. They go about fostering spirit by leading pep rallies every weekend in the fall aimed at getting the student body hyped for the football game to follow on the next day. This merry bunch can often be found under the lights in our makeshift Tiger square or the steps behind the Dick gym. But when they are not there, or prowling the other side of campus for their bountiful prey of newboys, they can be found on middle griff or possibly enjoying a bite at the nearby Fir Tree. Today I caught up with one of our senior cheerleaders and the school’s top dawg, Henry Joyner. He managed to squeeze me into his busy schedule today over a bite at the fir tree, proudly sporting his classic orange cheerleader hat and a Luke Kuechly jersey.


Henry Joyner ’17

Question: What was your initial reaction after being chosen as a junior cheerleader?

Answer: Well I was back home in the QC enjoying a chill sesh with a favorable ratio at my pad, and I can’t say that I was surprised, dog. My familiar ringtone of John by Lil Wayne came on, and I picked up immediately, it was my cuz Paul, and I got the news that myself and Elliot would be the junior cheerleaders. “Dope” I replied.

Question: So I gotta ask, what does a day in the life of Henry Joyner entail?

-Basically I wake up in my sanctuary, middle griff, no earlier than eight
-I throw on a ‘thers jersey… who’s gonna stop me
-Class stopped mattering for me a long time ago… so I only go sometimes
-I take a fat pull of Diet Coke with Dowell around noon
-Later on I throw on my orange hat and new balances and head down to the field for JV football practice, where I normally just laugh with Taftt, but today I made sure to tell the newboys that they’re only good, not great
-Fast forward to around 7:45, I call in some pre peprally Happy Garden… in fluent Chinese
-Around nine you can find me in my jumpsuit, orange hat backwards, reclining dangerously far back in my chair, and strumming the chords to Final Countdown by Europe
-Finally me and the boys are ready to roll out… Catch us behind the Dick under the lights.


From left to right: Thomas Williams ’17, Jack Rixey ’17, Chris Rex ’18, Chris Oldham ’17, Henry Joyner ’17

Henry’s illustrious career as a cheerleader is coming to a close here at the Forest, but he looks forward to his six remaining pep rallies, including his favorite, the Bonfire. His vault of pep rally jokes is growing by the minute and we can’t wait to see what comic genius he will choose to bless our community with in his remaining opportunities. Henry would like to leave us commoners with a brief description of himself, “In my eyes, and literally everyone else’s, I see myself as a pack leader, and probably the chillest dude ever admitted during the Campbell generation. Roll Tigers, and God save middle griff.”


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