Woodberry Cup: Year 1 Down

Graham Goldstein ’16

woodberry cup

Graham Goldstein ’16 awards the first ever Woodberry Cup at the Underformer Awards Assembly

In my opinion the Woodberry Cup’s high points occurred when the students were all able to watch an event they could get into. For example, not everyone could get into watching human chess, or family feud. But, people loved watching our soap box derby or capture the flag for the action and suspense it had.

It’s all been an experiment. I’ve always said, the United States government wasn’t created in a year, or two years even. It took time to work out the bugs. George Washington once said, “I walk on untrodden ground,” when he assumed the inaugural title known as the presidency. I walked on untrodden ground when I became the first Woodberry Cup Commissioner. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I think I can safely say that I did a good job. However, the job itself is not done. It falls to those under me who will remain here long after I am gone. You all are the trail blazers now. The Woodberry cup is all about shining in YOUR light and creating brotherhood. So, if it is to continue, I’m extremely curious to see how the kids below me shall carry on the pillars of the cup in their own way.

wfs cup2

Woodberry Cup ultimate frisbee

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