The Ghosts of Woodberry Forest

Crawford Humphreys ’18

It is easy to say that in the nearly 130 years that Woodberry Forest has been educating boys, there have been some strange, unprecedented events. Some may be accidents, others just a result of teenage boys messing around; could some be a result of ghosts?


The columbarium that now sits directly to the left of St. Andrew’s Chapel

The newest addition to St. Andrews Chapel has been a columbarium where alumni, teachers, and community members can choose to have their ashes stored. One might suspect that this columbarium is a source of ghosts for the entire school. Is it possible that the ghosts of Woodberry’s past are among us now?

In a brief chat with Mr. Blain, I found out about a ghost who supposedly haunts the Residence to this day, properly named “The Residence Ghost.” Woodberry has had numerous headmasters throughout it’s history, and it could be possible that some may choose to remain at the house they lived in during their tenure. Only now as ghosts and no longer human beings. Furthermore, rumors arose last year about a possible ghost haunting the hall of Lower Turner. This ghost was linked to suspicious events with past students, and even made an appearance in an infamous selfie last year.

Some may recall Mr. Amos’ chapel last year about the “ghosts” of Wooodberry’s past who have been through everything that we students are enduring now. This is the most plausible theory in my opinion, and obviously shows the traditions this school shares. The fact that students today can have similar experiences to students 30 years ago is simply amazing, and cannot be found at any other school.

So as we navigate our way through the winter, remember the ghosts of Woodberry’s past who have done it before and made it through. Who knows? The ghosts of Mr. Huber and Mr. Reimers may one day haunt the halls of Woodberry Forest School.

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