Thoughts on the 2016 Election

Jack Perdue ’17

          Lately, whether you have been paying attention to the news or not, you have probably heard quite a bit about the 2016 presidential election. This election has especially received media coverage due to an extremely diverse group of candidates. I wanted to see what Woodberry students thought of the candidates and decided to interview some.

          When I asked guys about the candidates, many had a negative opinion. People gave me answers like “there aren’t any impressive ones”,“they are outlandish and outspoken”, or just simply “they’re ridiculous.” When I asked Jackson Monroe ’17, he stated powerfully that “even

donald trump

Donald Trump, recent Republican NH primary winner, wears a hat with his signature slogan “Make America Great Again”.

the best candidates, on both sides, are not good enough.” Another interesting answer I got was from Fifth Former Phillip Williams who said that “it’s sad to see our options for the Democratic candidates; America is conforming to European ideologies.” His opinion is an example how people, or at least Woodberry students, seem hesitant about their ultimate choice come election day. One opinion that especially stood out came from Sixth Former Sam Carter who said that “the Republicans are thin, they’re fighting amongst themselves so much that none stand out; they’re childish.”

I asked a large number of people and I did not hear a single positive opinion. All sounded as if every option he had, every candidate on the stage, was not good enough. We at Woodberry remain very curious, and somewhat uneasy, as to how the election will turn out.


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