Scooter Infestation

Will Slicer ’17 and Robert Singleton ’16


Since the beginning of the Fall Trimester, there has been an increase in the number of scooters on campus. Scooters can be found in any location around the school: sidewalks tripping up poor Mr. Reimers, up in trees for the birds to roost on, or even at the bottom of Robertson Lake after an angry senior goes bezerk. There has not been a large number of Old Boys on scooters, but more and more New Boys are leaving an increasing mass of scooters on Taylor and Turner.  When I asked 3rd Former Davis Smith about the infestation, he told me  “I ride my scooter about 6-7 times a day.  I’m thinking about putting a motor on it so I can kick start it in front of some people and get big air on the speed humps.”

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Scooter in tree

The biggest complaint about the scooter plague, though, is that they look like discarded trash when left strewn around the dining hall and academic buildings, thereby decreasing the beauty of the campus. What would a guest that is touring the campus think when they see a cluster of scooters on the sidewalk? Besides being an eyesore, visitors would probably notice that the need for a scooter seems juvenile, considering how close together the buildings are. It is pointless to ride a scooter from Turner Hall to Anderson, but it does seem reasonable to want to ride a scooter from the Dick Gym down to Johnson Stadium.  “I trip on scooters all the time,” said 6th former William von Hassel when sharing his opinion on scooters and their lackadaisical placement around campus.  “I’m a pretty clumsy guy in general and trip over my own shadow, but this is getting out of hand.”


Scooter on Lawn

When I was a 3rd Former, the only students that had scooters were the seniors. I think there should be a cut down on the number of 3rd Former scooters because of the sheer number of them. Classes are not that far apart, plus walking is good for you. The last thing we need to see is a 3rd Former, plate of Fir Tree balanced on one hand, the other hand whipping the scooter, crash into a crowd of people.

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