Editor’s Note – November 2015

Caleb Rogers ’16

In our transition from paper to website, from print to post, there was one word acting as our driving force: legacy. It denotes two, very important components a school publication requires. First and foremost, we must be interesting and informative in the present. Our target audience and general reading populace will always and should always be our fellow students, and this year we aim to entertain intellectually. However, we will do this not only with fellow students in mind but also fellow Tigers. Woodberry’s branches spread much farther than some realize, and many articles throughout the year will focus on or make reference to notable alumni, staff, or faculty. Let us not forget, though, that legacy also stands for the future and what we leave behind for those academics coming in years soon. This year we are making transitions in both the physicality of the paper and its content. We are looking to enlighten the classes of 2016, ‘17, ‘18 and ‘19 and garner the Tiger spirit in and among those that paved the road for us.

Changes are being made. The Oracle fervently believes in the importance of student viewership. From their inception, article ideas are now coming from the writers. They will no longer be assigned but will be up for grabs, going to only the most passionate in the subject matter. With a record breaking number of writers signed up, our articles will spread over a wide range of interesting topics.

Woodberry Landscape

Woodberry is at the core.  No longer will we analytically report on worldly ongoings. In 2016, you will not see a dry post reporting simply on who won the presidential election, but rather, an in-depth description on how the new President’s nationalistic changes could affect Woodberry boys. All articles will pertain to life here at The Forest and Woodberry’s futuristic effects.

Let us not forget our past.  It is vital that we do not forget our roots. Frequently this year, in our “Yesterday” section, we will repost articles from The Oracle’s past. In this, the first issue of The [new] Oracle, a special article highlighting our past was chosen carefully and is a reflective, provocative look at “The Game” from past headmasters of WFS and EHS, namely J. Carter Walker and A.R. Hoxton.

Paper and pen turns to screens and keystrokes.  The most pertinent change of all, however, is the fact that you are reading this on and not with a paper in your hands. Some may argue that The Oracle is meant to be a paper, to be the tangible beliefs of the Tigers in newspaper form. I concede that we lose the classic feel of a physical newspaper with this transition, but what we gain bests this. With this online paper, we have the power to reach thousands of people, all of whom make up Woodberry’s extensive branches throughout the world. The Oracle of years past had under 800 copies printed every issue, was centralized on campus, and was sent to only a select few alumni. Thanks to viewership tracking and this wider audience, we can now tailor articles based on what gets the highest ratings, best reviews, and most responses. We are now a “rolling paper” so to speak. No more will there be set dates of release, but rather we aim to add new articles to the site frequently throughout the year.

So, in short, welcome. The 2015-2016 Oracle Staff would like to present our new form, and new identity to you. Read the articles as if listening to a heartbeat. The many thoughts on Today, Yesterday, Spotlight, Opinion, Athletics, and Humor are the beliefs held true by us Tigers at The Forest. Enjoy…

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